First two weddings of the year

So 2018 kicked off in March for me. Two weddings - March 24th and 25th. Heythrop Park in Enstone and then Pendrell Hall in Codsall Wood.

Congratulations to Joel & Leticia Nixon as well as Stacey and Michael Phillington!

Checking out the video footage already and looking great!

Not a waste of money!

You know when you buy something and think - "hey - I'll probably never use it but you never know!". Well I've had a teleprompter for ages, never thought it was going to get used but low and behold - twice in one week!

Blow me down with a feather!

Getting all animated

So I finally made the serious leap in to using Adobe After Effects. I'm sure many people know what this programme is and the stunning work it can produce. I've dabbled with it over the years but finally made the decision to set aside some time to really get in to it and understand it better.

So I can film and edit - no problem. I can make Adobe Premiere sing. I've been using photoshop since version 1. InDesign - no problem. Illustrator - sorted.

Motion that's a whole new world! But you have to keep up with the way the industry moves.

But - very quickly I've learnt so much! And you know what? It's not cost me anything but time and the effort to learn new software but most of all an understanding of how to manipulate the software to get it to do things you want.

I know PowerPoint like the back of my hand - but After Effects is deep - I mean like really deep.

Now I'm not looking to become a motion graphics pro working in the cinema industry pro…

Late night last night

Sometimes you have to work late nights in this industry and last night was one of them! At the venue at noon on the Saturday....back home 2am in the morning!

Filming for Air Liquide

Three retrospective interview type training videos and one fast paced corporate video promoting a new digital sales platform.

Great working with the team and looking forward to Aprils project.

30 Short Training Films for English language Training

One day filming and two days editing. Canon C100 MK II. I love Adobe Media Encoder!

Midlands Freelance Videographer - Kicking off the new year with a few filming jobs

Happy new year to all who know me. I'm filming in Birmingham today for a great advertising agency called Plum Ideas. One of their clients needs a 1970's style Open University video. I feel some after effects coming on!